Saturday, March 5, 2016

February Catch Up

"I am, master of my domain."

Alex and I have been playing a little catch-up these past few weeks.  First we missed time because my grandmother passed away and then I proceeded to get my yearly bout of the chest crud plague. I had been telling myself for two months, "I will not get sick...I will not get sick," but despite my best efforts the crud hit me.  As a result, I lost almost another week with Alex, which was unavoidable but irritating.  The chest crud still lingers, but I try to ignore/downplay it, so that the hubs doesn't try to keep me in the house and out of the barn :)

Over the last few weeks, Alex and I have gotten back in the swing, we've had some really great rides on the flat, played around over some small jumps and even gone adventuring out around the farm.  That's right, we're so brave that we have ventured out by ourselves!  I have been really happy with how he's handled the move and how we're coming out the winter.  If we can keep on this roll, I think we'll get some real miles schooling and showing this spring, summer and fall. 

Currently we're working extra hard to learn the half-pass at the trot.  As is typical, one side is better than the other.  Heading right, we're awesome... heading left... we are challenged.  Looks like we need to do more haunches in at the trot to the left... Alex will be thrilled.

In other exciting news, since we're learning so much fancy pants Dressage, I've decided it's time for Alex to have his own Dressage saddle.  This means I'm currently in the market, preferably, for a County Competitor 17.5 with a MW tree, 2010 or newer.  I would also be interested in a County Connection, same size and age.  There are two other County models, the Fusion and the Perfection, but I am not crazy about the exposed blocks on those saddles.  I have seen a few Fusions and Perfections that have custom covered blocks, but not many.  I would REALLY like to buy late model used if possible.

So if anyone sees anything that meets this criteria, I would be mucho appreciative if you'd let me know.  I am obsessively searching online, but I could always miss something :)

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  1. Glad to hear you're starting to feel better and having good rides!