Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tomorrow is Another Day!

So when I got the news about the saddle... I had to have a little time to pout, which is why I've been silent a while.  After the appropriate mourning period, I got some news that reminded me of one very important thing...
On Monday, I spoke with County and learned that it would be $900 to replace the broken tree (it's out of full warranty) in my saddle and take 9-10 weeks.  I was, as can be imagined, not too pumped about that piece of information.  Next, I immediately sent an email to the seller explaining what had happened.  She quickly emailed back, horrified about the saddle and pissed at the person who had sold it to her.  She also offered to reimburse some of the money I had paid, so that I could put it towards the new tree.  Color me very surprised and happy :-)  We agreed upon an amount which I won't disclose here, but will say it was very generous considering the situation.
Then I sent an email to the rep at County to ask if there was any way they could "loan" me a demo saddle while I waited for mine to be fixed.  I really thought there was no chance in hell... but thought it was worth a try.  She emailed back and said they had a demo 17.5 Stabilizer XTR with a Medium Tree, that I could use provided I covered shipping, but I might have to ship it back if someone wanted to take it on trial (apparently it's been on the list a while, so she doesn't think it will be a hot item).
Holy Shit! Did that just happen?? A few days ago I was devastated... not sure where to turn and now it looks like everything is going to work out just fine!  Honestly, I cannot say enough about County, they have been just wonderful, I liked their saddles before, but this customer service has really sold me. 
Loaner/Demo saddle arrives tomorrow, so Alex and I are back to work :-)

BTW, thanks for everyone's kind words, I didn't respond to your comments because I was still pouting, but I appreciated them all the same!


  1. Great news all around!! Hopefully you can keep the saddle until you get yours back!!

  2. What awesome news! That is some fantastic customer service right there, and what a nice eBay seller to understand and even offer to help. So happy that everything worked out in the end! :D

  3. I thought that replacing a tree was somewhere near 900-1000. I am glad that the seller was nice enough to reimburse some of your money - that is stellar. And go County.

  4. Wow! What great customer service from the saddle seller and County.

  5. I have been nothing but pleased with County since my initial fitting appt! So happy they are lending you a demo saddle & as far as the seller - good to know there are honest people out there.