Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Nearness of You

Last Sunday I lost my grandmother.  This Sunday the visitations and funeral are over and I am left slightly discombobulated.  Forgive me if this post is slightly discombobulated too.

My beautiful grandparents
Yep, that's me with the big mouth.
Me again...oh how she loved the grand babies.
Just a few years ago, still beautiful.
My mother's parents were really the only grandparents I ever knew.  My father's mother died before I was born and his father died when I was very little.  I spent a LOT of time with my mother's parents. For for the majority of my life my grandmother was the center of my grandparent universe.  

On February 7, 2016, just a few days short of the anniversary of my grandfather's death, my grandmother died. Never again would I wipe her lipstick from my cheek after a kiss, hear her scold me, tell me she loved me or ask me to move over where she could see me better.  I never thought the emptiness would come so quickly, but it has... the nearness I once felt is starting to fade.  All I have now are photos and memories... I have no more grandparents.

When people say "you're never prepared" for the loss of a loved one, whether the death is sudden or "expected," they are 100% correct.  Life will, most certainly, go back to normal and move on, but the world will be a little more empty.  I miss her already.