Friday, December 6, 2013

All Kinda News!

Better late than never... I know a promised an update a while ago, but it's been uber busy here, so Alex and I apologize.

First, I contacted County and told them about the problems we were having and they agreed to send me a demo with the correct tree size to use until my new saddle arrives.  This has helped Alex's back tremendously.  He's back to bouncing along, even if at times there's a little too much bounce :-)
Luckily for me, my new County saddle shipped from England this past Thursday and is due to arrive on my doorstep next week sometime.  Squeeeal!!! 

Second, the hubs and I are now the proud owners of a Chevy Tahoe and therefore one step closer to a trailer and actually taking Alex somewhere.  Squeeeal!!!

Finally, Alex and I have started work in draw reins (suggested by the madrĂ©), which I am fairly sure he thinks is just short of the seventh circle of hell.  The draw reins have given me some leverage to deal with the winter tantrums and are also helping Alex find more balance, both of which are wins in my book.

We've had a bit of a winter storm here tonight, so Alex had the night off.  Hopefully I'll get some snow pictures tomorrow!
"Just having a sun bath!"
"Hiya Mom!"