Monday, July 1, 2013

Return of the Mack

Alex is still doing really well. I lunged and rode him again on Saturday. His trot seemed even better, he was practically tossing me out of the tack with every step, I barely needed to post! The last time he was like this, it was right after the abscess disaster. I can't help but think he felt so good then, because he had been without my saddle (the PJ) for 2+ months. This of course makes me feel like a bad horse mommy, for not seeing it sooner :-(  I'm trying not to beat myself up too much, he had so much going on with him, we just had to get through the process of elimination. 
At any rate, we also cantered just a little bit, accidentally on purpose :-) I had every intention of waiting, but all the stars aligned and it was just time. I had to prove to myself everything was going to be ok, and it was. No explosion, just a few canter strides both directions. Insert huge smile here.
Tonight it rained so we had to use the scary indoor, but Alex was PERFECT! I didn't canter because the arena needed a watering, but his trot was A-Mazing. Score!
Later this week a County Saddlery rep is coming to fit Alex and let me try some saddles. Hopefully this will help and we can get something that works best for Alex very soon... Hubby is thrilled :-)


  1. Love my County! Sara is wonderful and really takes her time making sure you get the right fit for you and your horse. I never would have believed how much difference the right saddle makes.

    Oh - and enough with the rain KY!

    1. Thanks Kelly, good to know about Sara, I have heard nothing but good things about both the saddles (my mom owns 2-3 older models) and Sara.

      I try not to complain about the rain too much, this time last year everything was brown and I was about to die from the heat/humidity :-)

  2. Sounds like a couple of great spins, hope all goes well with the saddle fitter/country rep! Saw some of their saddles at an Equine Expo in Germany back in March, hope you find the perfect fir for you & Alex.
    Great news on the canter - best to go with your gut and not make a big deal out if it - thereby neither stressing yourself or the horse.
    Yay you & Alex! :)

  3. Oh great now that song is stuck in my head!!! (I assume your title was referring to the song)

  4. Heck yes Karley, I love that song :-)

  5. Sara is great. And I love my County saddles. Of the jump saddles I have the Sensation as it was just right for Hue and I. Next to that I liked the Innovation best. I don't think I even sat in a Stabilizer as I had ridden in some previously and then I absolutely hated the Conquest (it also happens to be the least "hunter/jumper" looking saddle and has a rounded cantle *cringe*.,. Everyone is different though. For my build the Sensation offered me the best feel and feels like I am closer to the horse but again everyone is different. I hope that the fitting goes really really well! :) Sometimes Sara/ County even has demos which rocks.

    I bought my Sensation through Sara and then had her fit me for a dressage saddle but purchased one on my own used as I didn't have the same budget but still have Sara adjust it etc. Anyways enough of that rant. Wahoo for saddle testing! :)

  6. I just have the Stabilizer in my head as "the one" although I thought I might like the Innovation too. Totally open to sitting in the other saddles to see what I might like better. My budget will dictate that I get either a demo or find one used no matter what saddle I choose. I think basically if I can just get something with the right size tree, it will make a world of difference (as I am already seeing just using my Stubben). It will be interesting, that's for sure, since I have never done this before, always just ridden in whatever saddle I could swipe from my mom :-) I'll definitely be reporting once it's over that's for sure!