Thursday, July 11, 2013

Splish Splash

Tonight was a quiet night at the farm, so I decided to "test" Alex a little bit.  I haven't given him a day off and not lunged him before the next ride since he's been back in work, so I thought we'd see how things went.  He was a little stiff in the beginning and bounced around a little both directions at the canter, but once I got his butt moving, overall was fantastic considering the change in temperature (it had thankfully cooled off a bit), that he'd had a day off AND that they were turning horses out for the night.

The best and funniest part of the ride was the fact that there were multiple large puddles all over the outdoor (big downpour here today) and while Alex was trotting around long, low and bouncy being a little bit of a show off (if I do say so myself) he was also simultaneously trying to "slap" the puddles with one of his front feet!  I was laughing so hard, I almost couldn't concentrate.  No one can ever say my horse isn't expressive, he has a personality a mile long and honestly, I wouldn't want it any other way :-)


  1. Ahhhh love that he was showing off :)

  2. Cute. Sounds like hue. I call him a hippo!