Thursday, July 25, 2013

Grumpy Kat

Well.... the expected delivery date has come and is almost gone here in Kentucky... SmartPak managed to get me "extra" supplement, to make up for the Fastrack that came open in the box earlier this week, in three days.  The USPS couldn't manage to get the saddle here in seven days or even track its progress properly.  So I called USPS, knowing full well there wouldn't be any resolution, but determined to have my say so that I would feel better.  Apparently "scanners have been down in several locations " so it hasn't been scanned since it left CA and "it could take longer" because it's a larger package.  Why give any expected date of arrival if there is no possible hope of it arriving on said date?  L.A.M.E.  Technically, it has till tomorrow (this method has expected shipping time of 2-8 days) before it is officially outside their delivery window.  See this is why people don't ship their packages USPS! 

I will say that in this instance, the person doing the shipping didn't have much of a choice, she lives out far away from UPS/FedEx shipping locations and had shipped using this method before with good results.  I am not blaming her, because I know the darn thing was shipped, I'm just not sure where it is!

So I as promised... this is me today.

In case you can't tell, I enjoy the Grumpy Cat, because I love cats and I am sometimes a Grumpy Kat :-)
In other news of people/things who DO show up when they are supposed to, met the farrier bright and early this morning and Alex got his shoe replaced, but since I'm letting him chill till the saddle gets here, he's going to have another night off.
Finally, because my husband cracks me up, I thought I'd share what I received in one of his text messages
Hope it makes you laugh too!


  1. He literally sent you that?! That's AWESOME! Lol! Sorry about the saddle, hope it gets there soon...but love the cats. :)

  2. Omg love the "I will always love you" cat! Lol awesome that your hubs sent you that! And I'm a Grumpy Cat fan, too!
    Fingers crossed that your saddle arrives already. USPS can be such a pain.

  3. Bahahahaha goo hubby!

    Ugh come on saddle!