Saturday, July 20, 2013

20 Things You Wanted to Know

So I saw this on Karley's blog and decided to steal it since I have been on a mini riding hiatus the last two days.
20 Things You Wanted to Know:
1.  What's your horse's name and how did they come by it?
Alex Le Great - This is his registered Jockey Club name and at least part of it comes from his daddy who's name was Afleet Alex.
2.  What are your favorite breeches?
Right now I would have to say Tuff Rider Aerocool full seats, because that's about all I've had for the past 5 years :-)
3.  Tall boots or paddock boots and half-chaps?
I actually prefer my paddock boots and half-chaps, but only because I can strip them off as soon as I'm finished riding.  In the winter I prefer my full chaps and paddock boots.
4.  What brand of tall boots do you have (if you wear them)? If you had an unlimited budget, what would you get?  I have Ariat Crowne Field Boots and I really like those.  I guess if I could get another pair, it would be Dehner custom boots.
5.  Favorite helmet?  I prefer the IRH helmets... they don't look quite as gigantic on my head since I have a narrow face.
6.  Shows or no shows?  Shows, although I suspect I'll start turning into a ball of nerves again when Alex starts showing, just because there will be so much unknown.
7.  Jumping or flat work?  Right now flat work, because I've gained a new appreciation for it and it's connection to all things.  I suspect that may change once Alex starts back learning to jump though, because I really think he's going to rock!
8.  Hunters, Jumpers, Cross-Country or Derby?  Either Jumpers or Cross-Country
9.  What other disciplines have you ridden?  A little bit of western (team roping horses), played around on some polo ponies, fox-hunting, dressage, hunters and jumpers.
10. Dressed to the nine or whatever you can find when riding?  I like to look immaculate when I'm showing, but I tend to ride in whatever is cool/warm when schooling at home.
11. Where do you shop most for you?  Your horse?  Dover Saddlery, SmartPak and Valley Vet, as well as the local tack shops.
12. When is the last time you rode and what did you do?  Wednesday and I had a little test of my stickability in the saddle since Alex was feeling good leaping round a bit :-)
13. What tack do you use to ride every day? Saddle, bridle, square pad, ThinLine half-pad, girth.  Sometimes galloping boots or polos when I feel like they are needed.
14. What are your horse's colors?  Hunter Green and White, although some blue occasionally creeps in there.
15. How often do you clean your tack?  Not nearly as often as I should, I need to get better about that.
16. What kind of bit do you use? Rubber.  Rubber Gag and Rubber Eggbutt Snaffle.  The rubber gag gives me a very mild bit with the security of the gag rein should I need it on my sometimes unpredictable greenie.  Rubber Eggbutt is good when the Gag isn't allowed.
17. Mares or Geldings?  Started my riding with mares, but have had a few geldings now and have to say my heart belongs there.
18. What is something you want to improve on in your riding?  Always confidence.  I sometimes don't push as much as I should.
19. Favorite horse themed quote:  "It is the difficult horses that have the most to give you." –Lendon Gray
20. What is your most recent equestrian purchase? Hopefully a County Stabilizer XTR saddle, as long as everything goes ok with the trial ;-)
Well there's some stuff about me and my pony, hope you enjoyed.  Look for another post about today's ride later!


  1. Yay glad you took these and used them!! :)

    Fingers crossed (still) for the saddle!!!

  2. We have the same colors!! Haha :) Hope the saddle works!

  3. I absolutely love the half chap/paddock boots for the same reason! I strip those half chaps off and my sweaty calves can breath.