Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Appointment Scheduled & Contest

"It will be mine... oh yes... it will be mine."
Our appointment with the County Rep/Saddle Fitter is scheduled for Thursday and although I know this won't effect an immediate change (because I'm not holding my breath to find a demo in my price range and will likely have to search for a used saddle) I'm excited to see what Alex needs.  This will be the first saddle I've ever gotten for myself, having been incredibly fortunate to ride in all my mom's "hand-me-downs." 
Alex had the night off tonight, since he'll need to be worked tomorrow so he's a pleasant boy on Thursday.  I don't mind if he's a little grouchy during the fitting, but I'd prefer he wasn't an idiot during the multiple rides (that could be interesting, he's never been ridden, untacked and retacked multiple times on one day.  
I'm also thinking about doing a contest when I reach 25 followers (I can't believe I have 24!), so everyone comment about what their go-to grooming product is and I will do a random drawing!
Tomorrow is my Friday at work and I am super pumped, it has been a busy couple of weeks and I need a break.
Happy riding everyone :-) 


  1. getting new saddles is always fun :)

  2. Early Friday woo hoo!!!

    Saddle fitter woo hoo!!!

    Contest woo hoo!!!

    My fave grooming product is Vetrolin Shine... Love it!! Along with a good curry comb, body and face brushes, hoof polish and fly spray :)

  3. Hope all goes smoothly with your saddle fitting apt and Alex plays along nicely :)

    My favorite grooming product (of the moment!)is Eqyss Microtek Medicated Shampoo - I battled scratches/mud fever/gross fungus on Riva's legs all spring and this shampoo is great and it smells good :)

  4. Please say hi to Sara! She's lovely!!

    My favorite product is actually the .99 cent suave shampoo/conditioner. I love using it on a regular basis (every other day baths) and the barn smells like pina coladas after.

  5. Hope the fitting goes well! And my go to Grooming Product is EquiFuse :)

  6. Woohoo for the saddle fitter, early weekend & congrats on the 25 followers!!

    Please don3t feel obliged to include me in the contest as I live too far away for a gift to be sent - but my current favourite grooming product is the Magi Brush - plastic handle part with rubber bristles which is just great at removing dried sweat/muck etc from my muck monsters - makes keeping horses out 24/7 manageable during this ansty wet summer we're having!

  7. The saddle fitting sounds exciting! I agree with you that even if you can't afford the new saddle, you will at least know what you need.

    I seriously don't have a favorite grooming product. But I like the way my horse smells after I shampoo him with Mane & Tail Shampoo

  8. My favorite go to grooming product is just a simple small rubber curry comb :) Good luck with the saddle fitter!

  9. Can't wait to hear what worked best for you both. I will have to email you a list of places I hunted for my used dressage saddle to help you in your search. I love hunting for saddles - especially now that I have found my own ;)

    Favorite grooming product right now is Mane and Tail De-tangler. That stuff is the bomb.