Thursday, July 11, 2013

Alex & Kat: The Beginning

Alex had tonight off, but K over at Kiss Me I'm Irish got me feeling nostalgic about our beginnings, so I dug out some photos not previously shown here :-)  Enjoy!

Alex's Daddy:
Afleet Alex
Winner of the 2005 Preakness & Belmont

Alex's Mommy:
Colonial Glitter
Winner of the Bourbonette Breeders Cup (by 10+ lengths!)
Below are photos I randomly found and ordered of Alex during his racing days.  He never broke his maiden, so there aren't any win photos :-(  But if he had, he might not be mine :-)

Alex @ Belmont 2009

Alex @ Belmont 2011

Alex during his time in Florida:
"Stall rest is boooooring"

"Look at my pretty profile"
Bath Time!

"Hey you over there...whatcha doin?"

Round Pen Time

Having a roll...

"Oh my gosh, did you know I'm off stall rest?!"

Sleepy Pony


"Come on, I want you to run so I can chase you!"

"Whatcha doin?"

"I am NOT annoying the donkey... promise"

Alex's Trip to Kentucky:

All wrapped up and ready to go

Getting on the van, rolling in style :-)
Spending the first hour with Alex in his new home :-)

Alex surveying his new paddock
"Kentucky grass... nom nom nom!"

It's amazing how he has changed since his arrival and yet stayed the same in some ways :-) 




  1. Those racing pictures are so cool!! I wish I had some of Henry!

  2. Ah how awesome! I found race pics of some of my project babies but can't find any of River--someday I'll go on a serious stalker campaign of his past. :D

  3. I have found that the least successful racehorses make the best riding horses :)