Monday, July 29, 2013

Saddle Stays :-)

Just a short post tonight...
Alex and I had our third ride in the saddle tonight. Overall, he was OK. A little fussy in the bridle for my taste, but I have to remind myself we've been lacking consistency over the last couple weeks. He also spent some time "looking" for things to turn into excuses for mischief, but in a fairly low key manner. Our canter was interesting, he's still not a big fan of me sitting down and asking for the depart. I think some of this is memory/anticipation and some of it is real discomfort. Since we've only had the saddle three days, I can't expect him to be miraculously cured. It will take lots of long low stretches and muscle building to get fully past all this.
Ultimately, I've decided we're keeping the saddle, it's everything Alex needs right now and hopefully for a while during the filling out/growing new muscles phase.
So... yahoo, we've got a new saddle, finally!  
And look who earned himself pull-on bell boots since I walked into the barn and caught him trying to destroy another pair!


  1. Bad Alex! Glad the saddle stays!

  2. Glad that it worked out. What a steal. Hopefully it will work for you guys for a long time!

  3. Yay! Glad the saddle worked out!


  4. So happy you found a saddle that fits - makes all the difference! Riva lives in those thick rubber bell boots - murder to get on and off, but they work.