Wednesday, September 17, 2014

OMG It's September???

Seriously... where has my summer gone?  I cannot believe it's already mid-September and I'm worrying about getting out Alex's turnout sheet.  I haven't been posting because there hasn't been much interesting to write about.  Since work on our indoor began mid-August we've been without an arena (the indoor is being built over the previously existing outdoor) which means we have been relegated to working in the fields.  At first this was awesome in so many ways, Alex was super pumped to be out in the open and I was gaining tons of confidence riding him out in the open.  As the weeks have passed, I'm finding it harder to keep things interesting and as the seasons change the weather is not being as cooperative.  Luckily, our indoor should be complete in the next two weeks, so I am trying to focus on quality over quantity and Alex seems to appreciate my approach.  The best thing is that he is still SO HAPPY in his new (it's still new to me) home.

So, since the building of the indoor is the most exciting thing we've had going the last two months, here's a ton of pictures!

Post Holes Complete
Post Holes...
Really Big Post Holes!
Setting of Posts
Posts in Place
Trusses Started!
Trusses Again...
Trusses Finished!
Framing Complete!
From the Distance
Metal Starts
 And Again...
From the Inside (we have a roof!)
Almost Finished....
It's SO PRETTY (Happy Dance!)
From the Inside (More Happy Dance!)

I know this is probably more than you ever wanted to see of building an indoor, but it's pretty darn exciting :-) The electrician is due to start on our lights this week and then excavation to redo the base and give us amazeballs footing starts shortly thereafter.  Hopefully we should be in business by the second week in October...squeeee!