Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday is Leap Day

Alex's idea of fun
Just a quick post tonight.  Although it's not nearly as hot as it was last time this year, the humidity is absolutely disgusting.  Alex had yesterday off, and after three stellar rides I thought tonight we'd have more of the same.  Apparently, my pony had other ideas... there was a lot of head shaking and leaping I mean striking out with front legs leap so that I can see them while sitting on him.  It didn't really bother me, but it was annoying considering the nasty weather.  He did eventually settle nicely, but we both paid for it in the sweat dripping post ride.  What a booger... he loves to keep me on my toes, but it still makes me happy, because at least this means he feels good!
Tomorrow and Friday Alex has a little mini vacay due to dinner plans with work peeps tomorrow night and birthday dinner plans with my mom Friday night (it's my mom's birthday Sunday).  I will definitely be lunging Alex Saturday before I ride after tonight's exuberance :-)
Saddle coming on trial will ship tomorrow!
Happy riding everyone, and to those suffering in the heat wave, stay cool!
Also, if you have time, head over to Hillary's blog Equestrian at Hart and check out her contest!


  1. Oh how these horses love to keep us guessing!

    Hope you have fun at your dinner plans and a good ride Saturday..

    YAY saddle!

  2. So glad you get to trial the saddle! Hope it works perfectly for you and Alex!