Friday, June 28, 2013


Fergus must be an OTTB!

Just a quick post tonight.  Rode Alex again today after a good bit of lunging and I was MUCH less nervous which was nice.  I thought it was going to be a quiet night at the farm since there was no one around when I arrived, but apparently I was wrong.  Not only did they start turning horses out around the time I got in the saddle, but there were other boarders just itching to get into the outdoor arena I was using.  Alex had a few little "moments" where he hopped around and got a little puffed up (especially when the last horse being turned out was screaming for one of the ones already out), but for the most part he was very good.  His trot was improved tonight, it felt like he trusted himself a little more to stretch down and lengthen a little bit.  Overall, I'm encouraged, but not ready to claim success yet.  It will be at least a week or more before I ask for the canter (although he kind of did it tonight when he was bouncing around).  I'm just hoping that the third time is a charm, as in, our third start. 

Happy weekend everyone :-)

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  1. Keeping everything crossed for you & Alex in your next ride, here's hoping there will be less distractions going on around you while you are working together.

    Someone at our yard here posted a Fergus'ism on a board in one of the stable blocks, funny :)