Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Alex & Bernie BFFs

Wow I can't believe it's August and we've been at the new farm for almost a month!  Time is literally flying... it seems like yesterday that summer had just started... now all my friends kids are going back to school and people are talking about summer being over.

Alex officially moved to the new farm July 13, 2014, but most of the week before and after was spent cleaning, prepping, moving and settling in to our new wonderful home.

New Abode for Alex and Friends
Inside the Abode
Feed Room
Grass! Alex & Bernie's New Pasture
Alex & Bernie's Giant Run-In Shed

Moving weekend was crazy busy... Saturday we moved all my jumps, which seemed more numerous the more the temperature climbed, 40 bags of shavings and 50 bales of hay. 
Trailer Hay Explosion!
Sunday morning we moved 4 of the 6 horses (two mares came later in the month).  Lucky for us all the ponies were well behaved for their trailer rides and everything went smoothly.

Alex in his new stall. Just love how
there's so much light, makes
everything bright and cheerful!
New Pasture First Night

Since we had moved away from Alex's home for the past two years (and the only place he'd ever lived while I owned him), I figured it would take quite a while for him to settle.  I gave him a few days to hang out before I rode.  Of course since I was expecting mass chaos, he was pretty much perfect despite having nearly a week off AND being in a new environment... such is life with Alex :-)

First Ride!

And in the same vein, as quickly as we'd had our first ride, Alex decided to rip off his left front shoe...
Now that was partially my fault because he was overdue for a shoeing because of our change in location and my farrier was trying to get us on the schedule, but Alex certainly got his money's worth.

He gives 110%

Familiar from our abscess days...

AND... back in the boot

Luckily for us, the farrier came in two days, so we didn't waste much time and I think that saved us from any lameness.

After the shoe debacle, things have pretty much been smooth sailing... Alex seems REALLY happy in his new home and I am really happy there too.  The peace and quiet are amazing.
"Mom, I love this place!"


  1. Woohoo glad the move went well, shoe misshap included. All's well that ends well ☺

  2. Sounds like a great move. Love how bright the barn is!

    1. I love the brightness too, so much more cheerful :-)

  3. Sometimes a change in scenery makes all the difference.

    1. I'm definitely happy with my decision!

  4. So beautiful, farm lust over here!

    1. It really IS beautiful. So nice to have such lush pastures and not be trucking hay out to a tiny pasture every day.

  5. The new place looks gorgeous!

    1. It is... we couldn't be happier.

  6. What a beautiful barn! I'm glad you're both happy!

  7. Lovely place! I am sure y'all will be happy there :)