Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Alex Discovers Girls

As I mentioned, upon moving to our new farm, two mares were left behind to be moved when a pasture was ready.  Said pasture(s) became ready last weekend, so we moved the girls this past Sunday.  The girls will be living outside in one of the three pastures with full (more like giant) run-in sheds.  Initially they were living in the largest pasture that borders what is now the outdoor (soon to become indoor) arena, so if they chose they could come up to observe/hang their heads over the fence bordering the arena.  

After a beautiful ride on Saturday, despite a post-hole digger being used in the background, our Monday ride left something to be desired.  Alex was so worried about his new "audience" that he pretty much kept one ear on them at all times... "what are they doing? how come they are walking around doing whatever they want? are they watching me? are they still there? OMG they moved!" But basically he finally settled enough that we got some work done and called it a day.

Tuesday, I climbed into the saddle expecting more of the same since the girls were once again hanging out to observe our ride.  Initially, it was more of the same, but a little better... until... the girls decided to run off down to their run-in shed which sits way into the back of the pasture.  You would have thought Alex had lived with these girls all his life and had sired their babies (he's never even touched noses with either of them!).  He started whinnying and snorting and losing his proverbial shit.  "But I MUST go with them! They are my women!" Despite the fact that I finally worked him out of it and quit for the day, he was still looking for them from the wash rack and calling out.  As we had originally planned, we moved the mares to the other back corner pasture (construction for the new indoor means some of the fencing in their current pasture will have to come down) which we also hoped would calm Loverboy down.  It did not... when we turned everyone out for the night, he totally ignored his BFF and walked the fence calling for his women despite the fact that his pasture is at the front of the farm and theirs is at the back.

This morning the report was that he and his BFF, whom he apparently convinced to join his cause, were lathered up when they came in for morning feed.  Alex then spent the morning staring longingly out his window while intermittently singing sad I love you songs... OMG.  Fortunately, he seemed to calm down throughout the day and the report was that he was calm when he went out tonight.  Hopefully we won't have such an issue now that his women aren't right next to the arena.  I swear one of them must be coming into season, because I have never seen him act like that and he lived next to a mare for the first year plus of his life with me!

We'll see what the morning brings... silly goofball :-)


  1. Sorry but that is hilarious! Horses sure are priceless in their irrational (to us) obsessions. Hope he mellows as he resigns himself to the fact his gfs are unattainable

  2. I find it very hilarious... even if it was annoying :-)