Thursday, October 3, 2013

I might be crazy...

I must be insane, but I just joined the Two-Point Challenge hosted by L. Williams at Viva Carlosand Hillary at Equestrian at Hart so we will see how much punishment my legs, back and butt can handle! Baseline coming tomorrow night, it's bound to be pitiful...anyone else into self inflicted punishment, feel free to join the rest of us in our suffering.

My saddle came back this past weekend.  It looks great, but the panels are super "fluffy" meaning very well stuffed with flocking making the saddle look, dare I say it, narrow??  No... no... not narrow!  The saddle fitter is not scheduled to come till 10/22 and I'm practically wringing my hands about the saddle not being right and messing up Alex's back again.  It's not a terrible fit, but I do think that the flocking needs to be adjusted in the front panels and probably have some of it removed to make it fit correctly.  Seriously though, I live in fear of the fitter somehow telling me this saddle won't now all the sudden he grew out of this saddle, we've had so much bad luck in this area... I know, I know, I'm negative Nancy, but right now, I am missing the demo saddle.

In other news, Alex has been going really well lately we've progressed to a leg-yield at the trot that doesn't look half bad.  Today we had company in the arena, despite some gawking and one turbo boost forward complete with giraffe stance and groaning sound effects brought on by cantering at the same time as the other horse, it went quite well.  Of course I spent the whole time worrying about the saddle...

10/22 cannot come soon enough! Deep breaths.


  1. Ultimately if the tree size is right I would think that he will be okay until you can get the flocking adjusted but you can always send Sara a picture if you are super worried about it. She is pretty understanding like that :)

    Let the pain begin - oh 2 point challenge!

    1. I sent an email asking for advice, just in case. The 2 Point Challenge... there will definitely be pain :-)

  2. Yay welcome to the 2pt challenge!

  3. It'll be okay! The two point challenge is fun too :)

  4. Ugh about the saddle! Hopefully 10/22 comes quickly!!!

    Come on 2 point!

  5. Hopefully the saddle will work out but I understand your reservations. Saddles suck!