Monday, September 3, 2012

New Goals

I am totally guilty of neglecting my blog for the last week.  I was really busy!  Why is it that when you're looking forward to a holiday weekend or a vacation it always feels like a marathon to "get ready" for it, but then it flies by? 

Alex and I continue trying to become partners... I really think people underestimate the amount of time it takes to build a relationship with a horse.  But honestly, it takes more than months, it takes years!  I think Alex is slowly starting to trust me, but even in his moments of worry or panic, it takes him a while to actually listen to what I am telling/asking him to do.  Those moments are so important, because it's those and not the quiet perfect moments that build the bond... it's the trials and tribulations you face together and overcome.  Case in point, last Thursday, we were working in the other outdoor arena, when another boarder came riding by out towards to exercise track.  This was the first time I had ever been riding him while someone else was riding another horse less than 20 feet away.  You would have thought the person was galloping by, to see Alex's reaction which was to start hopping around, bucking and making all kinds of fun noises. Of course, I was thinking what fun it will be the first time I have to ride him in a busy warm-up arena :-/  We managed to get through it and he actually reverted to stretching, which was a huge victory, because that is exactly what I want!  I feel like even on the days we might take a step back, we make a little progress.  That's all I can really ask for at this point... I mean, it has only been just short of 3 months since I put him back to work. 

This week I'm hoping to start trotting some poles and get a little further with transitioning the canter/gallop to the canter.  Despite his ADD, he's really starting to get the hang of stretching at the trot and even some circles.  I think now it's time to start asking for a little more bend, for stretch and more forward.  We will see how much of that we're able to accomplish :-)

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