Thursday, September 12, 2013

Life on Fast Forward

Not really relevant, but hilarious...My JRT would kill me in my sleep for this torture

I've been a bad in I haven't been much of a blogger lately :-/
After the excitement of our field-trip, things have really kicked into high gear which is part of the reason for my absence.  Have no fear, Alex and I have been working super hard which has left me too tired to spill all the details.
For example, tonight was Alex's first night off in four days.  We've had a bit of a heat wave here, so our rides have left us both a sweaty mess.  I'm proud to report that we've made some big strides in recent rides (could we have grown up a bit after travelling?? Possibly)  Alex and I have begun to venture out on short hacks after most rides and he's been alert/curious but very good.  He's also learning turn the forehand and leg-yielding at the walk in rapid fashion.  I have been very impressed with my big man.
There's also been some changes on the farm.  One of the barns has been leased to a local event trainer and twelve new horses are now in residence.  That group has also brought some more jumps (I am sharing mine, as they are actually painted different colors and the new batch is all white,) so we can actually build a nice course).  Alex is slowly learning about dealing with more "traffic" on the farm which is something he's had limited exposure to until now.  It's definitely an adjustment having so many more people who actually ride in the arenas, but I think it's going to work out without too much fuss.  We'll see how it goes when winter drives us from the two outdoor arenas to the narrowish indoor.  I'm trying to think positive :-)
So there's my "catch-up" today Alex had his feet done and tomorrow I have a wedding to attend, so no more riding till Saturday. 
I'm trying to catch up with all your blogs too, I promise, I'm still reading!


  1. Hope the barn change send up well. That dog costume is hilarious.

  2. Welcome back!

    Hopefully things work out will in the winter with the new people.

    Yay for progress and growing up!

  3. Fingers crossed for you. It is nice that you will share your jumps and the trainer will share hers! More things! :)

    Hopefully the transition will go well. I was actually talking to my trainer today about how that trainer moved to your farm and we were talking about how it would be in the winter having both ridden in the indoor there. Fingers crossed for you that the timing and traffic works out in your favor!

  4. I'm playing catch up on blog reading too! I fell behind during the summer as I was away for two weeks and have been behind since - woopsy!
    Great news about the new trainer on your yard, the extra traffic in the arena will deff help settle Alex & he'll be used to it if/when you guys go showing/get out and about more. :) I've also found my girls pay better attention and are more relaxed if there are other horses in the arena with them as, being herd animals they are not "alone" - pity i don't count as the almighty leader I'd like them to think of me as, lol!

    PS: Your pooch is too adorable in the photo! Love his/her colouring, can we see more photos please? :D
    Who knows, having another trainer onsite/pair of eyes on the ground might help should you have any training blocks with Alex. Hope it all works out for you all!

    1. Aoife, that's not my JRT (she would kill me for that) but I will post some pics of her once I get them :-)