Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fun With Locks

Hi all!  I have good news!  Alex has been doing really well.  He's quieter, seems much happier and is eating up a storm!  By quieter, I definitely don't mean he's now a dead head... Alex's personality is very much still intact.  The nice thing is that our rides are actually feeling productive and we don't hate eachother :-)

Tonight, I got to have fun with the lock on my tack trunk, which randomly decided that it no longer recognized my code...

I tried two sets of bolt cutters, like the ones below, without any success and almost gave myself a hernia.

It took a while...but ultimately I won... I always do :-)

All it took was the Dremel... there were sparks and heat... it was awesome!!!  It's scary when you have a good time with the power tools!

Happy Riding :-)


  1. Yuck. My Stanley trunk lock broke and drops on its own. Luckily I got it to stop that for now. :) Glad Alex has been good!

  2. Yay for mellow Alex, long may it last under saddle. Sorry to hear about your lock arguments, but power tools deff are fun! or at least they look like fun, i wouldn't trust myself! *blush*
    Love the logo on your trunk, how do you guys come up with such awesome looking anagrams etc - am well jealous!