Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

It being Throw Back Thursday and all, I thought we'd throw back to a time when I actually posted something! No one faint... I know it's shocking :-)

I really have no defense for myself other than that things have been very busy, which I suppose is no defense at all to those of you who work, ride, post, have lives outside of horse AND kids.  I do however have lots to share...

Alex has been spectacular over the past month.  It's been so nice to finally get to experience the horse I knew was in there!

Handsome man during a graze
Gotta love those boots!
The most exciting part of the last month is that Alex and I have finally gotten back to jumping! And... he loves, loves, loves, loves it!  We've got video :-)  Please be kind with your comments... he's still learning and I am trying to shake off the rust of 2 years with nearly no jumping.

Grid Work 5-8-14 
Alex's First Oxer!

Grid Work 5-11-14

First attempt at a full line 5-11-14

2nd attempt at a full line 5-11-14

More diagonal line 5-15-14
(During what I hope is our last cold spell!)