Monday, October 8, 2012

Unexpected Hiatus

Well it's been entirely too long since my last post and the only excuse I can give is things have been really busy!

My best synopsis of the last couple weeks, is that Alex has been doing really well with his training.  We tackled the indoor while it was raining, which brought out a little bouncing around, and we started trot poles which brought out some confusion.  Then things came to an abrupt halt... Alex came up lame this past week after having his feet done and I thought it was probably a hot nail, but then things went down hill in a hurry.  My poor boy is now three legged lame with what I am sure is an abscess... had his shoe pulled and now we start the soaking and wrapping... oh joy... I get to train my super sensitive OTTB about being treated for a hoof abscess :-)  More updates as things progress.

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