Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's Baaaack!

On Saturday, Alex went out into the field bucking and leaping and I thought "ladies and gentlemen, we've got a sound horse!  He finished his SMZs on Sunday, on Monday I called my farrier and told him Alex was ready for a shoe...

On Monday night everything crashed... I went to get Alex out of his paddock and he was only lightly standing on his foot.  I tried to dismiss it, but when I started leading him to the barn there was a familiar limp.  I cursed to myself and went to find the hoof testers.  Sure enough, he was sensitive on the other side of the same foot.  Just like the monster in a horror movie, this abscess just won't die!

So we're back to soaking and wrapping with Animalintex poultice pads.  I'm hopeful that this one has been caught earlier and will therefore burst earlier.  I've also thrown it a curve ball by putting a Thermacare heat pad under the Animalintex tonight, to see if I can bring it to a head.  We'll see, I'm using all my tricks in the hopes that we can kick this thing's ass once and for all.

Oh the joys of horse ownership!

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