Friday, November 2, 2012

Really dude?

So frustrated... the "new" pocket of abscess still has not burst.  Alex is buted and therefore walking around on/standing on his foot, but still reactive to hoof testers in the same place opposite from the first part of the abscess that burst through over two weeks ago.  I've used the Animalintex pads since Monday night religiously changing every 12 hours.  He's been soaked for 20 minutes each night.  He's had Thermacare (really Walgreens brand) heat wraps stuck to his Animalintex in his night time bandage for three nights now, and still we wait. 

Yesterday, I  thought we were going in the right direction... pain seemed to be increasing even with the bute.  He refused to put the necessary weight on the afflicted foot, that would allow me to pick his other front foot.  His temperature had increased.  I was very hopeful the damn thing would burst through in the next 24 hours. 

This morning, nothing... in fact his temperature had dropped and he very willingly lifted his right front so I could pick it.  Still he is reactive in the same area to the hoof testers... So I diligently changed his Animalintex pad, wrapped his foot back up and put him out. 

Further complicating this issue, is that I have to go out of town tonight to pack up and move my mother.  I won't return until Sunday afternoon.  A friend has very graciously agreed to take care of Alex in my absence, but I really just want to be here... I know I'll be obsessing about it in my head until my packing moving duties are over.

Maybe...just maybe... I'll get a surprise when I go to soak/wrap him tonight before leaving town.  The other side of my brain says "yeah yeah, you've been saying that for days."

I'm off to stock up on supplies... we're out of Animalintex, duct tape, diapers and baby food for mixing his meds.  You should see the strange looks I get when I leave the Wal-Mart with diapers, duct tape, Epsom salt and baby food... people probably think I'm a serial killer. 

This has to end soon, right?

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