Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Victory!

Today's work was so much better!  No antics at all to the left, except a few hops. To the right, Alex only had one little "moment"  which was more likely brought on by the stirrup that had slipped and was banging against his side.   For the first time in days neither of us returned to the barn drenched in sweat.  It was a small victory.  Too bad now he will have 4 days off while I'm in Minnesota and will probably turn back into a beast upon my return.  Oh well...

Gryff's legs look much better tonight, I can't help but think the dousing of Betadine shampoo and slathering of Corona I gave him on Sunday, really helped.  His scabs look much tougher.  Still some swelling in the right hind fetlock, but that's the leg that was the worst.  Next week, he's going back to work, even if it's just walking... he's bored and turning back into a terror!  You'd think at 18, he'd be thrilled to have a break, but not this horse, if he's not being worked, he finds other ways to amuse himself.

Tomorrow night it's off to Minnesota... I am nervous leaving Alex for the first time, but I know Stephanie will look in on him and he will be fine.  I will miss him though!

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