Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back Among the Horses

Saturday night I rushed out to the farm to see my boy, after a whole three days! He had (gasp) a cut on his right hind pastern and was quite literally growing out of his front shoes (good thing the farrier comes this week).  I had a little moment of guilt for being gone, which is...yes...sad...I know, but he did seem genuinely happy to see me.  This does not mean, however, that he had given up on being mouthy, leftovers from being a stud I suppose, but it has earned him the nickname "shark." 

On Sunday, Alex went back to work after what I am sure was a glorious 4 days off.  Since I had been gone a few days, we went backwards one step into the surcingle and side reins.  He was actually a good boy considering this was his first little vacay from his new training regimen.  A few little hops kicks and a buck... well I mean he has to do a few, just so I know it's him! 

On Monday, Alex got worked a little harder in the surcingle and side reins.  Again, he was actually quite good and I am hopeful that we can return to full tack on Wednesday without too much fuss.  Remember, I said "hopeful" not absolutely sure :-)

Also on Monday, after nearly a month, I FINALLY got back in the saddle... ok so it was wearing shorts and only at the walk, but Gryff and I are starting the road back to where he was before this rather unfortunate interlude. On Wednesday, I may allow him to trot, we'll see, I don't want to disturb his wounds.  I could tell he was happy to be doing something though... he was quite agreeable for a horse that's been off almost a month.

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