Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Finally... a first post!

So now that my OCD about getting this blog set up has subsided, I can finally make my first post. 

Alex was a good boy tonight, which is good because yesterday he had a 30 minute long "baby moment" while working on the lunge line.  This "moment" was complete with bucks and kicks and hops.  At one point, he bucked, lost his balance and went down to his knees falling on his side in the sand.  He and I both had a moment of "shit!" and then he got up looking a little embarrassed and trotted off.  That pretty much ended the shenanigans and he finished up relatively quietly. 

Training horses, especially Thoroughbreds, is kind of like the weather in Kentucky, if you don't like what it's doing, wait a few hours, it will change.  So tonight the "weather" changed and Alex was much improved, no bucking, kicking or hopping and relatively good stretching at all three gaits both directions.  It would appear he learned his lesson...that Alex he's a smart cookie!  AND we worked with the mounting block, where he stood mostly still (except he was turning around and trying to bite me in the thigh/butt, until he got a good pop in the nose, which ended that nonsense) and I put all my weight in the stirrup before laying over the saddle.  Success! "No big deal, " says Alex, "but just get this damn tack off me, it's hot out here and I am itchy!"

This means I might actually meet my goal of getting on him for this first time on Sunday, yippee! 

Went out to see Gryff, poor guy his stifles are still looking a bit like a special effects creation from a horror film, but they are healing and the swelling is down.  He enjoyed the grooming, kisses and treats... he's such a ham :-)

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