Thursday, August 2, 2012

Horrible to Perfect... Whaaat?

Alex decided to be pretty much perfectly horrible yesterday and today he decided to be perfectly wonderful.  I was all prepared for a battle, I had my game face on and everything.  Alex was a little less grouchy, even perhaps, dare I say it, contrite? Today we went back to our normal arena (no, I am not cheating, I said we were going to start rotating back and forth every time we work) and still I was prepared to battle, prepared to not even be able to get on him.  Apparently someone flipped a switch after yesterday... he was PERFECT on the lunge in both directions at all three gaits.  I didn't even go easy on him, I worked him hard just waiting for the bad behavior to come out, so I could pounce... NOTHING.... horses.... geez.  So then I decided it was time to try for another ride.  I think he still isn't sure about me being in the saddle and he definitely suffers from severe ADD about what is going on around him.  We walked both directions, he was tentative, but good to the left.  The right is more challenging, there were several stops, where I had to urge him forward and reassure him.  He did not do any rearing, but that doesn't mean he didn't think about it... I could feel it.  So a successful day, where I had expected trials and tribulations. 

Tomorrow we go back to the other arena... we will see what that brings.

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