Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More progress

So again it's been a few days... but at least it hasn't been a week! 

Monday was another good day.... Alex and I had a big first, or at least I like think so...  he STRETCHED a little bit at the trot!  Ok, so I know for some this is not a big deal, but considering the fact that most of the time he has no mouth and carries himself like a giraffe...this is a BIG deal.  Of course he did a little playing and resisting as he normally does at the beginning of the trot and canter, but still, the fact that he stretched, let out a breath and relaxed just made my day.  It was also nice that he didn't go tearing around the ring at the canter/gallop :-)

Tuesday Alex got the day off, it was my day to have a massage (which keeps me sane and saves my husband from having to listen to me whine about my back), plus he had been pretty darn good for 4 days in a row, so I thought he deserved it.

Today we went back to work.  After a few minutes in side-reins on the lunge, I was back in the saddle.  Alex was highly focused on the person lunging their horse in the next arena and then he decided to do what I like to call resisting/jacking around where he tries to see if he can bully me a little.  The length of time that he does this is getting smaller every time, which is a good sign.  Today he pulled out the big guns right away and was soundly defeated before deciding to get with the program.  The we had another first!  He stretched his nose ALL THE WAY down to the ground several times to both the left and right at the trot!  This is a big deal... he might be starting to figure out how good it feels to stretch and relax.  The to add to the good night, he canter/galloped, under control both directions and even offered to stretch down a bit there too! 

I can't begin to describe how happy this makes me... this is why I decided to adopt a thoroughbred and start it on my own... moments like this.  It makes all the frustrating moments fade into the background. 

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