Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Today was bad...

Today was bad... there is just no other way to describe it accurately.  Alex had been off for two days since I had to work late Monday and had dinner plans yesterday.  I should have expected the worst, but naively thought all would be well.  When I got to the barn, I was tired but enthusiastic about another ride.  Alex actually seemed to be in a good mood and so I went along my merry way getting ready to work him.  We had to use the other arena, as there was a lesson going on in the one we normally use.  Right from the start, Alex was only interested in "extra-curricular activities."  He was either bucking, kicking and racing around or pretending that he had forgotten how to go on the lunge.  Usually this stops when we change directions, but today it continued and actually got worse.  Finally when it appeared that he had given up a little bit, I decided to try and get on him.  He was an absolute beast, trying to bite me, rub against me and run over me.  When I put my foot in the stirrup he went backwards and slightly up.  So I moved the block and tried again, this time he turned around and tried to bite me, then literally just tried to walk over the mounting block.  By this point I had decided there was no getting on Alex today and I had better cut my losses. 

To say I was frustrated, would be a total understatement, but frustration won't get us anywhere.  So we are still having a battle of the wills.  This means a new plan. 

1) I'm tired of this freaking out every time we change locations (one arena is literally in sight of the other, it's not THAT big a change), so we will alternate between arenas every other day until he gets over this thing he has about change in location. 
2) As much as I don't want to, when he's bad, I'm going to have to demand absolute obedience.  I have to win every time, or he will be unmanageable. 

So tomorrow we will try again... whoever said patience is a virtue sure wasn't kidding.

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