Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My name is Mud

We've had more crazy weather here in Kentucky.  Yesterday it was 70 Degrees and raining cats and dogs! Today it was 57 and nasty and tomorrow it will be 35 with flurries... there should be a roller coaster named The Ohio Valley. 

Alex got to go out for the day in his paddock naked during the warm and wet weather... there's an equation for this: ((rain + dirt = mud) + (Alex + 70 Degrees = naked Alex)) = MUDDY ALEX. 

Knowing him like I do, I had already planned to just lunge him in the surcingle and then bathe him within an inch of his life before I put his sheet back on (falling temps and all).  Now... I know this is not Pony Club approved, but when he's muddy and I know I'm going to bathe him after I work him anyways, I usually just put the surcingle on over the mud and work him.  I am aware that some people would cringe, but I just don't see the point of wasting perfectly good time grooming him when I'm just going to wash it all off after his work.  I would never ride him like that, but for lunging I seriously do not see the harm :-)

So with the wind howling and the squeaking of what ever it is that squeaks in the indoor when it's windy, we commenced to work and managed to get a lot done.  Then much to his chagrin, I thoroughly bathed him so he'd at least be clean under his sheet/blanket.  Like a typical Thoroughbred, he pretends to hate grooming/bathing/fussing, but I know he loves it, because he gets mad at me when there's no fussing.

Tonight Alex had the night off, although I did go out to change him into his actual blanket in preparation for the temps to plummet tonight and only reach about 35-36 degrees tomorrow.  Yes... he's spoiled.  He's a happy guy though and eating up a storm!  It will be time to up his feed again soon.  He's gained back all the weight he lost during the stress of the abscesses, but he's got a big frame and still needs to gain some more weight for me to be happy with his condition. 

It's super windy here right now, glad Alex is tucked away in his stall with his blankie on ;-)

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