Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Boring Tidbits

Not much new to report.  Alex and I have been working a lot on the lunge, throwing in a few rides here and there.  Yesterday was his last day of oral antibiotics and soaking.  Today was the last day packing his foot with ichthammol.  He will remain dry wrapped until Friday when the farrier comes to do his feet.  I think we might finally be getting past this ordeal.  Eeek! I really hesitate to say that... this monster has NOT wanted to die it's been more resilient than a movie monster.

The weather here has been crazy... Saturday it was 70 degrees, so I took the opportunity and gave Alex a bath.  I say that like I had much of a choice... he was so caked with mud when he came in from the field, it looked painted on!  He is really enjoying "being a horse."  By the time Sunday night rolled around it was 37 degrees.  This was, of course, after it had rained ALL day.  Tonight we're getting sleet/snow/ice... fun.  Too bad grown-ups don't get snow days, that's one thing I miss about school, those unexpected days off.

Hopefully all will go well with the shoeing on Friday and I'll be back in the saddle this weekend.  We shall see!


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  1. Crazy weather!!!!

    Last weekend I bathed Henry on Sunday cause it got up to like 55 (and windy) but the poor guy gets worked hard every ride so I can only imagine how good a bath felt!

    Hope your boy is felling/doing better! :)