Friday, January 4, 2013

No more vacation... back to work

The last three days have been spent lunging Alex, trying to get back in the swing of things.  Although I am still soaking and wrapping his foot and we have 9 more days of antibiotics, he can be lightly worked.  I had started toward this goal prior to Christmas, but failed miserably during the holidays.  He's been feeling pretty good lately and has spent a good amount of time having what I like to call "thoroughbred moments" about one corner of the indoor, so I figured we needed to take a step back and get some consistent work done on the lunge line before I got back in the saddle. 

For the most part, the lunging has gone well, with a few exuberant interludes.  Some of his naughtiness is due, in part, to the fact that I think the long term antibiotics have irritated his
ulcer.  He's back on the UlcerGuard at least until we finish these meds and probably shortly thereafter.  I can't get too mad at him, I have my own stomach problems and definitely have trouble concentrating on my work when my stomach bothers me :-) 

I'm also starting him on SmartDigest from SmartPak to (hopefully) put some of the "good bugs" back into his gut.  I'm sure all the antibiotics have really done a number on his "bugs."  We'll see if that helps.  Generally, I have been very pleased with all the SmartPak supplements I've used, not to mention their shipping is super fast (even free over $75) and customer service is awesome. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to lunge him in tack with the intent to get back in the saddle.  We'll see how things go... Hopefully I'll get to ride...I'm going through withdrawal, since I've only been on him three times since October.  Of course, knowing Alex, there will be a surprise... could be good, could be not so good... just have to wait and see!

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