Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cross-Rail Grid...Check!

Last night Alex didn't get ridden... I arrived at the barn ready to go, but the indoor arena was in one of its over-watered states.  I decided there was no reason to work him with the footing in that state, after all he's been so good lately.  So I dragged him in the wash rack and scrubbed his legs instead... I think Alex would rather have been worked :-D

Tonight I was determined to get something done, having lost a day.  I figured Alex would be a little full of himself after another two days off, so I lunged him to work out the kinks.  Apparently, the joke was on me, because there were no kinks... like not one.  The indoor arena gremlins must have taken the night off.   I thought he would at least have a momentary lapse in memory or regression about the newly introduced grid, since he'd only been through it a few times and that was three days ago.  Nope, first time around, he just trotted in, jump, stride, jump like he'd been doing it all his life.  Subsequent trips didn't change things either.  He wasn't even phased by the fact that I'd raised the cross rails a hole or two, there were no bumps or taps.  It was like he'd been thinking about it for three days!  When rode through for the last time, Alex was so proud of himself, he even did one of his studdish head shakes.  Normally I get on him about that, but I let him do it and have him a big pat on the neck.  More conformation that my horse likes jumping.

My horse is so smart!  Yeah, I know everyone says that... but I really think he is :-)

Looks like we need to move on again, might be time to introduce a vertical.

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