Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Neighbors & New Kicks

Alex in "Guard" mode

Apparently some geldings have been moved into the paddock behind Alex and he has been "defending" his paddock as of late.  Alex's version of defending his paddock is alternating backing up the fence and pawing/slapping the ground with one of his front hooves for a few minutes at a time with standing next to the fence staring down his neighbors and daring them to make a move.  The funny thing is that these are like stallion paddocks, so there is a lane between them and thus no way for he and his new neighbors to touch noses.  The annoying thing about this habit is that when he's backed up against the fence, he sometimes scratches up his hocks.  It's mostly cosmetic, no real damage, but annoying none the less.

Yesterday I went to the farm raring to go and found this...
No bueno....
Alex had grabbed himself, probably being a moron in the mud he loves so much and wrenched the right side of his shoe up... greeeaaat.  No riding for us :-(  But, at least the farrier was already due to come this morning and give Alex his new kicks, so not much time will be lost :-)
Just proves the following Thelwell cartoon correct

In case you can't tell... I LOVE Thelwell's


Tomorrow, I have the day off my "real job" so I plan on getting some real quality horse time.
Happy Riding Everyone!!!


  1. One of the many things I like about KY - the double fencing!