Sunday, March 24, 2013

More Winter + Sinusitis

It seems Winter just doesn't want to let go of the Ohio Valley and all this jockeying for position by the seasons has brought Sinusitis back into my life.  Thursday night I went to bed planning on riding Friday after work.  Morning brought congestion and feeling like my head was going to explode. I loaded up on the meds and trudged in to work.  I just couldn't shake it off, so went home early for a nap, fully intending to at least go an lunge Alex... yeah... I woke up at like 9PM feeling like I'd been in a coma.

Saturday morning brought the sun, but not much improvement for my sinuses, but I'm stubborn so I dragged myself to the farm determined to ride.  Alex was a little high but fairly good on the flat.  Lots of nice trot work both directions.  His canter left a little bit to be desired, he bucked into the wrong lead going left, then switched around a few times before landing on the correct one.  The second depart was much better, there was a little less "launching" himself and he even managed to stay in self carriage for quite a while :-)

I decided to stick with the cross-rail, but move it to another location in the arena.  Alex was a little rushy both directions, but after a few halts and circles (which he tolerated without rearing or being obnoxious) he finally managed to quietly trot the cross-rail, so I let him end on that... my head was grateful.

Today was a nasty... nasty day here in the bluegrass state and although I woke up feeling better, the hubs convinced me that it might be good to rest.  I did go out to clean Alex's stall and drag him in out of the rain.  He was pretty pitiful standing out in the rain and even whinnied at me when he saw me walking toward him (he never does that).  After hosing of the mud and replacing his nearly soaked blanket with a clean, dry, heavier one (snow coming the next 24 hours, remember what I said about Winter), I kissed him on the nose and drove home to dinner and warmth. 

Tomorrow dinner plans with friends, so Alex gets a reprieve until Tuesday :-)