Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bird/Raccoon Fight Club

Tonight I was looking forward to another great ride, full of encouragement from our work last night.  Sadly, the farm creatures had other plans.  Right about the time I led Alex into the indoor and was getting ready to get on, a pair of birds started fighting over various prime real estate in the up near the ceiling.  I seriously haven't seen birds in the indoor since October, where these two came from and why they picked this particular time to fight, I have no idea.  This started Alex off on edge.

About one minute after I climbed into the saddle some of the raccoons that live in the ceilings/lofts of our barns got into a screeching hissing fight and then it sounded like several others were tromping around to see what the fuss was about.  

Alex immediately went into giraffe mode and refused, with more gusto than usual, to go into the scary end of the arena.  

It was a difficult ride and although he stretched, did some flat-work and attempted to do as I asked it was just never a settled ride. I had to content myself with the fact that I had won the battle, no matter what started it and we had managed to get a little bit done.  

It was quite the crazy night, poor Alex, some days he can't win for trying.  Tomorrow he's getting the day off, hopefully there will be less "activity" going on during our ride on Saturday :-)


  1. Oh Raccoons. True story Raccoons live behind the speakers in our barn, I was sitting on Carlos and Kat's husband was standing next to me and we we were staring at the speaker. I said "Throw a rock and see if they will come out" So Andy did. Of course I was on a loose rein, and of course Carlos spooked and whirled and took off with me lol

  2. At least I'm not alone, I thought it was only me who had these weird experiences with barn creatures!