Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Birthday Pony!!

Today Alex officially turns seven. I'm feeling a little conflicted about this, because it seems time is flying and we've got so far to go in our accomplishments. 

At any rate, despite the cold nasty weather, Alex and I had a fabulous ride tonight! It was one of those nights, where I wasn't particularly hyped about putting on the layers and trudging out to the farm (so hard to ride in so many clothes!) but I'm glad I pushed myself,  because it was a good night. 

After our ride, I felt less conflict and more hope for the year.  There's no press
ure,  but the pressure I put on myself.

Also Alex got to try out his new "butt warmer" aka quarter sheet. I think it looks pretty snazzy :-)

Stay warm everyone, winter isn't letting go yet.


    Glad he was good, always better when we 'force' ourselves to ride and it actually foes well ;-)
    Nice quarter sheet!

  2. Monogramed stuff is the best! Love the quarter sheet!

  3. Beautiful quarter sheet! Happy Birthday Alex!