Sunday, February 9, 2014


Just like many of my fellow bloggers, the winter weather has me less than inspired and longing for spring.  In that same vein, Alex has had a few days off.  I've been so "type A" lately, trying to push us both through this crappy weather, I've been pressuring the crap out of myself and honestly not getting much joy out of our rides.  I decided a little forced vacation would help me recharge my batteries.  I've spent most of the weekend hiding from the cold and watching the Olympics (which actually motivated me a little bit even though there aren't any equestrian events).

We'll go back to work tomorrow... hopefully sans Raccoons :-)



  1. Yay you! I sooo get this! We had powdery snow which was fun but when it's gray and icy, I want to scream for spring!

  2. A little step back is sometimes all you need :)