Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow & Ice

The weather here has been less than stellar the last 48 hours. Snow Sunday night and now we're in the midst of an ice storm... it would be so easy to forget that it was 60 degrees on Saturday! As so many people say, "Kentucky, if you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes, it will change!"  

I did get a ride in Monday night and Alex was fairly good.  He's still got a thing about the "scary" end of the arena and although he'd walked completely around the arena both directions, when we started trotting in that direction to the left, he flat out tried to STOP.  I literally had to "boot" him around through the corner several times, before he would get back to work.  After that little interlude, the ride moved along nicely, progressing to the point of nice bouncy happy trot work!  After all that we've been through (which at times I feel is never ending), it's so nice to feel that Alex feels good.  Our canter work was just ok, although it's still improving, we have a long way to go.

No riding tonight since we're in the middle of icegedon 2014, but I did get out to the farm, before the weather went to shit, to tuck in my big guy and give him a kiss :-)   

Storm Ready!


  1. Eurgh weather sounds nasty, hope it picks up soon!
    A looks adorbs all tucked up against the cold.

  2. This winter is killing me, its so bipolar! He looks adorable!