Sunday, February 24, 2013

And... JUMP!

I have been so busy over the last few days there has been no time to update the blog. 

Alex had his feet done on Wednesday and my farrier said they looked great which was a huge relief.  Since he had just had his tootsies done, but I didn't want to lose two days in a row, I just lunged him in the surcingle.  Despite his newly minted shoes, he worked completely sound, which was also a relief since he was always a little ouchy after shoeing before the abscesses.

Thursday and Friday we did LOTS of work on the flat (necessary because he was a little wound) and tripped over more tiny small cross rails.  Overall they were very productive rides so I was happy.

Saturday was a big day. I decided it was time to actually jump a real cross rail. The hubby came to take some more video for me and his parents were there to watch which was also a big deal, since my parents-in-law have never seen me ride Alex. I won't go on about it, I'll just let the video speak for itself :-)

Alex was so good, and I think he really enjoyed himself with is fantastic.  I really want him to love jumping  Obviously I'm a nerd for having so much fun with the video editing software, but I was having so much fun!

Tomorrow it's back to work and hopefully more jumps.

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