Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend rides

Saturday I had high hopes for our ride, even brought my friend out to see Alex's progress.  Since he'd had a day off and it was only about 30 degrees, I decided to lunge him just to be safe.  Jeez were my instincts dead on!  Alex showed off his wild side on the lunge, bucking, spooking at the noises made by dirt hitting the wall.  It was quite a show after three weeks of near perfect behavior.  The ride was "rushy," but I wanted to keep the progress going so we continued with Exercise #6 - A Grid of Trot-Poles  and moved on to Exercise #16 - Trot-Poles on the Circle

The exercises went well with the exception of one time when he stepped around one of the poles on the circle because I wasn't paying attention.  Oops!  So the ride wasn't terrible, he just was not quiet.  It was bound to happen, he is a TB after all.

Sundays are usually an off day for Alex, but since there was so much "exuberance" on Saturday, I thought it might be a good idea if we had another day of work.  Although it was still a cold day, it was a better ride, not so much rushing and he only tried to run away from gremlins twice.  Our major accomplishment for the day was adding jump standards to the grid of trot-poles.  Of course in his natural fashion of always surprising me, he could have cared less about the standards.  Go figure.  Here's a link to the video,

when it actually shows up in the YouTube/Blogger search, I'll have it right here on the page.
Hope everyone had a great weekend :-)

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