Thursday, February 7, 2013


Not too much to report tonight, just that Alex was a very good boy.  I decided to lunge him, since he'd been off for a day, but I really could have just gotten on and ridden.  Fortunately for both of us, there were not nearly as many boogie men lurking in the corner of the arena, so it was a quick lunging session.  Our "pre-ride" time might have been even more brief if I hadn't stopped him in the middle to fuss with his front feet because I was just sure he was taking some bad steps.  Of course nothing felt out of the ordinary, but after these abscesses, I am so paranoid that I scrutinize every movement....yeah, I know... "obsess much?"

Once I got in the saddle, he seemed fine, but honestly, it is taking some time for me to feel what his "normal" trot is going to be.  We had so little actual riding time before our abscess detour that I am still finding his normal.  I think a lot of what I feel is not any lameness, but just him not being very forward, resisting by taking a short step/hop here and there, gawking at the occasional phantom or whatever. 

Anyhow, tonight as predicted we did a new exercise, Exercise #2 - The Round Figure 8 Over a Single Ground Pole
Although he was pretty good about it, I think we might end up doing this one again, since our figure 8's were not great and we need to work on some timing/rhythm.  I am still excited that he seems to be enjoying these new tasks.  Again his stretching and overall willingness in the bridle were much improved tonight.  Still a few bucks at the canter, but he will come out of that once he gets a little stronger and can balance himself more consistently.  Progress makes me very happy :-)

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  1. Yay progress!!!

    I just had Henry's back shoes taken off and he feels weird to me too- it's taking a little getting used to. I obsess too and ask everyone if he looks ok lol