Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So far, so good :-)

Yesterday Alex went back to work after a well deserved Sunday siesta.  We started out lunging which turned out to be a good thing, because the gremlins in the corner were playing with the curtains and Alex was spooking at it repeatedly.  After about 25 minutes on the lunge, he finally gave up.  I didn't do a ton of flat work since he'd already done a lot of work on the lunge.  He was very good, nice both directions at the trot and really solid canter depart to the left (the right was much better, but still needs work).  I decided not to belabor my point and move on to our cross rail which had been raised a hole since Saturday.  Alex was such a star, we went very forwardly right over, nice and round and even cantered away a few steps.  He's best to the left, but he improved by leaps and bounds to the right which made me very proud.  Alex was proud of himself too, he got so excited in between treks to the jump that he became a little bit of a "hot potato."  I'm fine with that though, because it means he likes jumping :-)

It's hard to explain, but I know you riders will understand, he has such a nice comfortable jump when he hits it right.  Even though he's green, he feels very solid underneath me.  So excited to start adding to our gymnastics.  Tomorrow, I'd like to raise the cross rail maybe one more hole and get him going really forward both directions.  Then it will be time to add another cross rail to the gymnastic.  Don't want to rush him, but I do think he gets bored once he figures something out, so don't want to move along too slowly.

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