Sunday, February 10, 2013

Consistency is lovely

Saturday was another good day.  Alex was pretty darn good.  He's really getting into his trot work, so much so that he's getting a little rushy at the trot once he stretches down.  Hopefully once he learns to use his back and gets strong enough, this will translate to lengthening and suspension.  I see it in him, it will just take time to develop.  Canter was better too, only about one buck, which is a big improvement.  He's also starting to have enough strength to reach down and stretch at the canter which is super exciting! 

We also finished up with Exercise #2.  He did so much better with the pattern and not over exaggerating the step over the pole in both directions.  Success!  Next ride we will probably be moving on to a new exercise.

Finally, I wanted to post a link to video for Alex's work from last Thursday.  You'll be able to tell that he is still learning and we have a long way to go, but I can't believe how much he has already progressed since getting back into steady work!

Enjoy :-)


  1. looking good :)

    Your indoor is really cool looking! And I want full chaps!!! Custom of course! ;)

  2. Thanks, he is coming along which is all I can ask. The farm used to be an Arabian farm and the indoor was built with show/sale in mind, i.e. curtains and spot lights :-) It makes for lots of excitement sometimes. Custom chaps are the way to go, love mine, got them from a woman in Australia.